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“Meat” and “Puffer Fish”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the YANAGIBASHI BEER GARDEN and YANAGIBASHI NABE GARDEN different restaurants?

    It is the same place, but the name of the restaurant changes with the seasons.
    From April to October it is a BBQ beer garden, while from November to February we become specialist restaurant of Tiger Puffer Fish, Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki.

  • Is it alright in the rain?

    Yes, there is a retractable roof, so it is safe.

  • I heard it is outdoors. Is it cold?

    During the NABE GARDEN season, about 120 seats are covered with plastic tents and there is a commercial heating system inside, so it is basically not cold.
    However, if you are sensitive to cold weather or if the temperature is very low, we recommend you to come prepared with warm clothing so that you can enjoy your visit.
    Simple blankets are available at the shop.

  • How long is it OK to change the number of people or cancel?

    Please note that changes in number of guests, course changes and cancellations must be made by 18:00 of the day before booked date.
    Cancellation on the actual booked day will incur a 100% cancellation fee.
    We understand that there are many circumstances, but in order to provide you with better and fresher products, we sincerely ask for your understanding and cooperation.

  • Can the courses be combined?

    Sorry, we do not offer combined courses.
    ①Tiger Puffer Fish Course
    ②Eat all you want for 2hours Shabu Shabu Course with Japanese Black and Sangenton.
    ③Eat all you want for 2hours Sukiyaki Course with Japanese Black and Sangenton.
    ④Eat all you want for 2hours Shabu Shabu Course with Sangenton
    ⑤Eat all you want for 2hours Sukiyaki Course with Sangenton
    Please make sure that everyone of group take the same course from among these five.
    The Drink all you want option is also available for exact number of guests in the group.(meaning “either everyone in the group uses the option, or no one uses option”)
    If there are many people who do not drink alcohol, it is also possible to order drinks as single items, so please consider this after consulting with everyone.

  • What payment methods are available?

    Payment can only be made in cash or by PayPay.
    Invoices can be accepted by prior arrangement.
    However, we will require a business card and a copy of ID of the person in charge.

“Meat” and “Puffer Fish”
Directly connected to the market

Rooftop of Marunaka Food Centre

TEL[exclusively for reservation]
052-571-5545(Reception hours: 12:00~18:00)

Business Period (Thr.)16 Nov. 2023
~ (Sun.) 4 Feb. 2024
*Closed on Mondays
(NOT Closed during December)
*Closure for New Year period
(Sun.)31 Dec. 2023 ~ (Tue.) 2 Jan. 2024
Business Hours OPEN 
/ <weekends and holidays>12:00~
CLOSE 22:00
(LO food 21:00 / drink22:00)
No. of Seats 120Seats
(All-weather seating, even in the rain.)
Enquiry 052-571-5547 for Kino(Manager).
*We do NOT accept reservations via this phone number.